API Demonstration

Use the API Demonstration page to send a transaction request to PayTrace. The formatted request as well as the detailed response will be shown at the top of the page, after the **Submit button is clicked.**

If you wish to have API integration with PayTrace and you are not already signed up for this feature, please contact your Merchant Service Provider or PayTrace Support at moc.ecarTyaP|troppuS#moc.ecarTyaP|troppuS.

How to Use This Page

All fields default to a PayTrace Demo account to demonstrate the formatted request.

  1. Leave all defaults and click Process Test API Transaction button or change the defaults to your account settings and then click the Process Test API Transaction button.

This demonstration is solely intended to illustrate how transaction requests are formatted, sent, received, and parsed via the PayTrace API. PayTrace strongly recommends using ONLY test data to process demonstration requests.

Detailed Help

Required Fields

PayTrace User Name
A valid PayTrace user.
PayTrace Password
The password for the PayTrace user entered.
Transaction Type
A valid Transaction Type, selected from the list.
A valid dollar amount. PayTrace suggests entering $1.00.
Credit Card
A valid Test Credit Card number.
Expiration Month
A valid Expiration Month for the Test Credit Card. (A valid combination of Month and Year that is in the future.)
Expiration Year
A valid Expiration Year for test Credit Card. (A valid combination of Month and Year that is in the future.)
Billing Address
Any address can be used.
Billing Zip
Any Zip Code can be used.
The CSC associated with the Test Credit Card.