API Logs

Use the API Log page to search for API Logs

If you wish to have API integration with PayTrace and you are not already signed up for this feature, please contact your Merchant Service Provider or PayTrace Support at moc.ecarTyaP|troppuS#moc.ecarTyaP|troppuS.

How to Use This Page

  1. Select a From date and time.
  2. Select a Through date and time.
  3. Select the type of log.
  4. Click Search.

From and Through times do not need to be selected when the search is for a full day. The Silent Post Log only stores the last 30 days of activity to the Secure Checkout.

Detailed Help


View Printable Results
Display the search results in a view that is formatted for printing. Printable View.
Download Results
Download the results in a .CSV format. Download.
Error Id
View the details of the error. Error ID.
IP Address link
Redirects to http://whois.arin.net where you can view the owner of the IP Address.