API Export Batch Details

Export Batch Details Request

Required Name Value Pairs


Optional Name Value Pairs For Export Batch Details Request

The PayTrace API does not allow any optional name / value pairs for Export Batch Details request.

Sample Export Batch Details Request

‘format the request string to export transaction details for a batch
strRequest = "un~demo123|pswd~demo123|method~exportbatchdetails|terms~Y|"
strRequest = strRequest  & "parmList=BATCHNUMBER~001| "

strResponse = SendPayTraceAPIRequest(strRequest) ‘defined in Referencing the API Page

Request Response

Returned Name Value Pairs

Responses elicited from an Export Batch Details request will always return either one or more error messages or one or more transaction records.

Example of Parsing an Export Batch Detail Response

Parsing responses from Export Batch Detail requests is exactly like parsing Export Transactions.