API Method Values

API Method Accepted Values

Parameter Value Description
Processtranx is used for all transaction processing functionality (sales, authorizations,refunds, voids, etc…).
Level3Visa is for Visa Level 3 request
Level3MCRD is for MasterCard Level 3 request
ExportTranx is for exporting transaction request
Exportbatch is for exporting a single batch settlement
Exportbatches is for exporting multiple batch settlements
Exportbatchdetails is for exporting extra details for a batch settlement
CreateCustomer is for creating a customer in the customer vault
Updatecustomer is for updating customers in the customer vault
Deletecustomer is for deleting customers from the vault
ExportCustomers is for exporting customers for the custom vault
ExportInactiveCustomers is for exporting customers from the customer vault that have been inactive.
Createrecur is for creating recurring payments
Updaterecur is for updating recurring payments
ExportCustomerRecur is for exporting details for multiple recurring payment
DeleteRecur is for deleting a recurring payment from the system
ExportRecur is for exporting details for a recurring payment
EmailReceipt is for email a receipt from the PayTrace system.
Adjustamount is for adjusting the dollar amount of pending settlement/non-settled transactions