Capture Transactions
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Your PayTrace Virtual Terminal enables you to quickly capture authorized transactions that have not been settled yet.

How to Use This Page

  1. Click on the Capture Transactions link under the Virtual Terminal Menu.
  2. Note that you may select any approved authorizations that have been processed within the past 20 calendar days by specifying the date range and clicking on the Search button.
  3. After the transaction list appears, you may capture one or more transactions by checking the check box next to the transaction(s) that should be captured and clicking the Process button. You may also edit the dollar amount to a lesser amount than the original authorization. Partial Authorization Reversals for the remaining un-captured balance are not supported.
  4. Capturing a transaction marks the transaction to be settled at 8 p.m. Pacific Time. You specify the amount to be settled as long as the amount is less than or equal to the original authorization amount.

Detailed Help


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Redirects you to the Transaction Details page.
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