Cash Advance Swipe Card
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Your PayTrace Virtual Terminal processes swiped credit card transactions. PayTrace uses a Keyboard Emulation format to read the magnetic stripe of the credit card.

How to Use This Page

  1. Connect your card reader to your computer.
  2. Log into the the PayTrace system
  3. Click on the Swipe Card option from the Virtual Terminal Menu.
  4. Swipe the card through the card reader. The field will populate with hidden information (bullets).
  5. Click the Process button to navigate to the next page, where the transaction details are entered, including the amount.
  6. Enter any necessary information for this transaction.
  7. Click on the Process button and then confirm the processing of the transaction.
  8. A response from the credit card’s issuer is displayed, along with several options on a confirmation page. Transaction receipts can be viewed, emailed, and printed from the confirmation page. The completed transaction is available from the "View Transactions" page of the Virtual Terminal, also.

The required fields in the billing information section are Amount, Photo ID, ID Expiration, First 4 and last 4 on card, Credit Card Number, and Expiration Date, Billing Name, Billing Address, Billing City, Billing State, Billing ZIP. If the Transaction Type is a Forced Cash Advance, then the 6-digit Approval Code is also required. (See field definitions below)

Detailed Help

We recommend that you verify that the credit card number, expiration date, and name on the credit card match the information provided from the swipe. If the information provided below does not match the information on the card, please swipe the card again or request another form of payment.



View Details (button)
Opens the Transaction Details page.
View Receipt (button)
Opens the View Printable Receipt page.
View Invoice (button)
Opens the View Printable Invoice page.
Reprocess Card
Redirects you to the Process a Transaction page, with the same account information pre-filled.

Check Boxes

Email Receipts to


Email Check Boxes
Displayed with the Administrator's email address. If there is more than one email address associated with this account in Email Addresses, additional check boxes will be displayed. When checked, receipts will be emailed to the specified email address(es).

Field Information

Required Fields

This is the transaction amount. The amount should be entered as it would be on a calculator, with decimals, if necessary. It is the US Dollar amount you want to charge or refund your customer. The amount must be a positive number between 0.01 and 999,999.99 or your purchase ceiling amount, whichever is less.
Photo ID
The customers Identification or drivers license number must consist of 1 to 20 alpha-numeric characters . Enter the customers Photo ID or Driver's License number in this field.
ID Expiration
The id expiration date must be in the mm/dd/yyyy format. Enter the expiration date or select it from the calendar.
First 4 on Card
This is the first four digits printed on the front of the credit card below the account number.
Last 4 on Card
This is the last four digits of the account number.
Credit Card Number
The Credit Card Number must contain a valid credit card number from an issuer that is marked as accepted in your Processor Information section. The complete credit card number must be entered with or without spaces or dashes.
Expiration Date
The month and year of the expiration date displayed on your customer's credit card each field will hold 2 numeric characters.
Billing Name
The customer name must consist of 1 to 50 alphabetic characters. Enter your customer's name in this field.
Billing Address
The billing address must consist of 1 to 100 alpha-numeric characters. This address is your customer's billing address and will be used to protect you and prevent fraudulent or unauthorized use of your customer's card.
Billing City
The city may consist of 1 to 20 alphabetic characters.
Billing State
The state where the customer’s billing address is located. The state must consist of the 2-character state code.
The zip code must consist of 1 to 9 numeric digits. This ZIP is your customer's billing ZIP and will be used to protect you and prevent fraudulent or unauthorized use of your customer's card.

Optional Fields

The 3 or 4 digit security code for the card being processed. The 3 digit CSC for Mastercard, Visa, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club is located on the back of the card. The 4 digit CSC for American Express is located on the front of the card.
Invoice Number
The invoice number for the transaction, if applicable. The invoice number must consist of between 1 and 50 alpha-numeric characters. This value is required by Visa for all card not present transactions. PayTrace encourages you to enter a unique ID for this transaction or the last 4 digits of the card number.
Billing Address 2
The Address Continued may consist of 1 to 100 alpha-numeric characters. This is not a required field.
The zip code must consist of 1 to 9 numeric digits. This ZIP is your customer's billing ZIP and will be used to protect you and prevent fraudulent or unauthorized use of your customer's card.
The country where the customer’s billing address is located.
Email Address
The customer’s email address must consist of a valid email address between 7 and 250 alpha-numeric characters. Receipts will be sent to this email address, if you choose to have the receipt emailed.
Phone Number
The customer’s phone number, without spaces.

Product Information

Any additional information about the transaction, such as the included product(s) or any other information about the customer. This field may consist of 1 to 50 alpha-numeric characters describing any details about the transaction you want to record.

For Forced Cash Advance

Approval Code
The 6-character approval code that was obtained offline when processing a Cash Advance. The approval code is required when processing a Forced Cash Advance.


Supported Card Readers:

MagTek Mini USB Keyboard Emulation
White: Part Number 21040107
Black: Part Number 21040108

MagTek Sure Swipe USB Keyboard Emulation
White: Part Number 21040147
Black: Part Number 21040145

MagTek Mini Wedge
White: Part Number 21080203
Black: Part Number 21080204

MagTek Dynamag USB Keyboard Emulation
Part Number 21073062 - Set at Security Level 2 or 3

  • PayTrace is compatible with most MagTek card readers that are set in Keyboard Emulation Mode. You can visit Magtek's website to change the mode of your Dynamag card reader HERE. You can adjust the mode on other models on PC by downloading and running a MagTek interface program HERE.