New Merchant

This guide explains how to set up a new merchant.

New Merchant Account
Select the type of Merchant Account you want to create.
PayTrace Add-Ons
Select the Add-ons needed for the account.
Add the fees for the set up and add-ons for the account.
The billing information that PayTrace will use to bill for our services.
Contact / Address
Your merchant's contact information.
User Account
Specify the Administrative user for the account.
The processing network on which this merchant account is to be established.
Credit Cards
The card types that will be accepted through PayTrace, Private Label cards (only through TSYS), MagTek Decryption, and Level 2/3 Auto Fill.
The ACH details that PayTrace will use to process the merchant's ACH/Check transactions.
The email address for the contact who should receive a notification when the account is created and which design options should be used.