Use the Notifications section to provide the email address of who should receive a notification when the account is created and which design options should be used.

How to Use This Page

  1. Enter a Sales Rep Name.
  2. Check or un-check the Send a welcome email options.
  3. Check or un-check to allow the merchant to personalize PayTrace or use your current design by default.
  4. Check or un-check Billable to select whether PayTrace should bill or generate income from this merchant.
  5. Click Save.

You can navigate through the prior sections by using the Back buttons or by clicking on the sections in the left menu.

Optional Fields

Sales Rep Name
May be up to 25 characters in length.

The following options are reserved for PayTrace Administrators

  • Maximum Customers - The maximum number of customer profiles that this merchant may store at any given time.
  • Reseller ID - The portfolio that this account belongs in.
  • Close Account - Close the account. If this account is closed, all of the user profiles under this account will be deleted. Please also specify a reason for the closure because this value is tracked for retention purposes.