New Coupon

Use the New Coupon page to create coupons that customers can use.

If you are not already signed up for this feature, please contact your Merchant Service Provider or PayTrace Support at moc.ecarTyaP|troppuS#moc.ecarTyaP|troppuS.

How to Use This Page

  1. Enter a Title for the Coupon.
  2. Enter a Code that must be used to redeem this Coupon.
  3. Select Percentage Rate or Fixed Amount for the Discount Type.
  4. Enter a Percentage or Fixed Amount that will be deducted from the order when the Coupon is redeemed.
  5. Select whether the Coupon may be redeemed with any product or with specific products. If you select May only be redeemed with specific product(s), after creating the coupon, go to Manage Coupons to associate the Coupon to a product(s).
  6. Click Save.

Only one discount/coupon may be applied to each order.

Detailed Help

Field Information

Required Fields

May consist of up to 50 characters.
May consist of up to 50 characters that are not case-sensitive.
Discount Rate/Amount
Percentages should be entered in their percent format, such as 8.25 for 8.25%.

Optional Fields

Discount Type
Specifies whether the Discount, when the coupon is redeemed, will be a fixed amount or percentage of the transaction amount before shipping costs.
Apply Coupon
Specifies whether the coupon may be redeemed only for specific products or for all products.