Credit Cards

Use the Credit Cards section to select the card types, MagTek decryption, private label, and Level 2/3 Auto Fill options.

How to Use This Page

  1. Select Accepted Card Types.
  2. Select whether you are accepting Private Label Cards.
  3. Select whether you are utilizing MagTek/Magensa Decryption.
  4. Select whether or not you are using the Auto-Fill Level 2/3 Data option.

Detailed Help

Accepted Card Types
Must be selected based on your accepted card types with your merchant acquirer. Attempting to settle card types that you are not set up to accept through your merchant acquirer will result in rejected batches.
Private Label Details
May consist of the Private Label BIN (first 6 digits) and name of the Private Label card type. These values are only applicable if the Private Label card type is enabled.
May be enabled/disabled based on whether the merchant is using an encrypted card reader from MagTek; annual fee per reader is applicable.
Auto-fill Level 2/3 Data
Specify whether PayTrace should auto-fill Level 2/3 default Visa/MC data for this merchant's applicable transactions. Note that the auto-fill will occur during settlement on the TSYS/Vital and Paymentech networks.