EMV 2.0

EMV 2.0 is our new EMV product that utilizes the USB Keyboard Emulation IDTECH Augusta Quick Chip Reader in combination with our existing Virtual Terminal Swipe page for a quick, intuitive, EMV experience.


  1. Login to PayTrace
  2. Plug the USB end directly into the computer, once the device is plugged in the blue light will appear letting you know the device is ready.
  3. From the dashboard of our account, select the EMV icon in the center of the page, or choose the EMV/Swipe Card option under the Virtual Terminal dropdown.
  4. Insert the card into the reader.
  5. Once the information has completed populating from the reader, you will fill out the fields that have a red dot next to them and any additional fields that aren’t necessarily required.
  6. Click the Process button

Yes, it's that easy!!

Here is our EMV 2.0 Demonstration Video for further details : Click Here : EMV Video


  • You don't need to use Java!
  • No configuration required on the device. Simply pull it out of the box and plug it in!
  • Easier to use and navigate than EMV 1.0
  • The cardholder/merchant will dip the card before entering the amount and other payment information (Opposite from EMV 1.0)
  • The device has no screen. All functions outside of inserting or swiping the card will be handled within the user interface.


  • There will be no need to set up terminal authentication code (TAC) on merchants setup file/VAR
  • Resellers will be able to set up an account to retail, direct marketing, or e-commerce industry Types (Retail is still recommended if the merchant accepts the majority of their cards present)
  • We are using our own inhouse decryption service w/IDTECH. Magensa Flag Does not need to be enabled on the account. The account will automatically register an IDTECH reader and utilize our decryption service when the first chip transaction is processed form a reader on the account. The reader will then be registered to the account.
  • Merchants can not have the IDTECH EMV device and Ingenico EMV device enabled at the same time, only one or the other. If a merchant is moved over to IDTECh from the Ingenico you have to remove the TAC Requirements from the merchant file.
  • Resellers will now see two options once the EMV product is selected. (IDTECH & Ingenico)

PayTrace EMV 2.0 is now available for Virtual Terminal and API users!

  • Schedule a Product Demonstration with our 5-Star support team to go over our EMV 2.0 device and interchange optimization savings by Clicking Here

EMV Card Reader- Reseller Ordering Options

Important Note: PayTrace EMV 2.0 uses a customized encryption and configuration file. These are the only authorized distributors to securely configure your hardware. Please make sure to select the correct device and part number. If you have an existing IDTech Augusta, some of these distributors can reconfigure the device to work with our service.

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