Google Chrome Auto Fill

It has come to our attention that Google Chrome has made updates to the way their saved Form and Password data works which has been impacting merchants swiping cards into PayTrace by allowing users to accidentally save swiped data. This causes the system to pull up that saved data as pre-filled data in the future. This is something that has to be manually initiated by the user, and we highly recommend all users pay attention to what they are clicking on when pop ups come up. Because PayTrace masks the swiped data coming into PayTrace via swipe, Google Chrome is now treating that data as a password because it is masked. Unfortunately this is not something Google gives web developers the ability to just turn off, therefore it will take our developers some time to figure out a way to work around Google's saved form and password options. This is an issue that is impacting a lot of sites and not just PayTrace.

In order to prevent this issue we highly recommend disabling Google Chrome's Auto-Fill feature. Directions for that can be found here:


If a user has already accidentally chosen to store the password data on the swipe page and it is auto-filling, then you will want to also clear the stored data and that can be accomplished by following these directions (you will also want to check the Passwords checkbox as well as Form Data):


If you have questions or need help with any of these settings, please contact PayTrace support