How To Set Up Android App And Register

Create A Dedicated User

It’s recommended that you create a unique User for every person that needs to access PayTrace.

A User can be set-up as a Web User or an API User. A Web User can access both the Virtual Terminal and PayTrace GO. An API User will be limited to accessing PayTrace GO. For more information on creating users CLICK HERE.

Note that the PayTrace API/Integration option will need to be enabled on the PayTrace account that is being used with PayTrace GO. If this option isn’t enabled on the PayTrace account, please contact your merchant service provider to have it enabled.

Login to PayTrace Go

Select "Log In"

Enter the User Name and Password in to PayTrace Go

Consider Registering Your Device

If you choose to register your device, you won’t have to re-enter the User Name and Password each time you access PayTrace GO.

If you ever lose your device, you can visit the “Modify User Profile” page on your PayTrace Account and “Unregister Device.” This will require a User Name and Password to be entered the next time PayTrace GO is accessed on that device.