API Reference

This API utilizes OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization, HTTP verbs, and HTTP response codes to provide developers the fastest and most secure method to integrate with our platform. JSON will be returned in all responses from the API, including errors.

Getting Started

To access the PayTrace API:

  1. You must have a PayTrace Professional account, PayTrace Cash Advance account, or a PayTrace Sandbox account with the API module enabled.
  2. A PayTrace User Account and Password, preferably an API User Account.
  3. Authenticate to generate an access token.
  4. Submit a request using one of the following methods.

API Endpoint

API Guide

Authentication and Headers
HTTP Status and Error Codes
Client-Side Encryption JavaScript Library
GitHub Samples


Processing Credit Cards

Swiped Sale (Card Present)
Keyed Sale (Card-Not Present)
Vault Sale by Customer ID
Sale by Transaction ID
Swiped Authorization (Card Present)
Keyed Authorization (Card-Not Present)
Vault Authorization by Customer ID
Authorization by Transaction ID
Swiped Refund (Card Present)
Keyed Refund
Vault Refund by Customer ID
Refund by Transaction ID
Adjust Transaction
Email Receipt
Adding Level 3 Data Visa
Adding Level 3 Data MasterCard
Settle Transactions
Export Transaction by Transaction ID
Export Transactions by Date Range
Export a Batch
Export Batches by Date Range
Export Settled Transactions by Batch

Processing Checks

Coming Soon

Customer Database/Vault

Create Customer Profile
Create Customer Profile from a Transaction ID
Update Customer Profile
Delete Customer Profile
Export Customer Profiles
Export Inactive Customer Profiles

Recurring Payments

Create Recurring Payment
Update a Recurring Payment
Delete a Recurring Payment
Export a Recurring Payment by Customer ID
Export Recurring Payments

Password Update

Password Change

Helpful Testing Information for Demo Accounts

For API testing, you can use the username and password of demo123 in your name/value pair included in your transaction call for testing purposes. That will reference one of our demo accounts where you can put through transactions on the below test card. The test card should approve for a 1.00 or more so you can perform testing. Credit cards will not be charged or authorized on this demo account as it is connected to a test authorization network. When testing is done, you can switch the UN/PASS name value pair over to the real username and password for your PayTrace account. The |TEST~Y| parameter is also not needed for this demo account. If the test parameter is used it will automatically void the transaction.


Expiration Date: Any valid expiration date will work

CSC = 999

Amount: Testing Amounts and Responses

Billing Address and Billing Zipcode of Card: AVS Responses A list of common AVS text responses from Issuing Banks.

The most common responses (API Error and Response Codes) returned for transactions are:

Response 101: Your transaction was successfully approved.

Response: 102: Your transaction was not approved.

Response 103: Your transaction was successfully approved. However, it was voided because your address and/or CSC did not match.

You can view the transaction reporting by logging into the website with the username and password of demo123. Under the VIEW TRANSACTIONS page under the VIRTUAL TERMINAL MENU you can see all transactions that are processed, both manually, and through the API.