Vault Authorization by Customer ID

A Vault Authorization will allow you to submit a Customer ID(Token) from your Customer Database(Vault) to verify a customer's credit card information and place a hold on the amount requested.

A Capture request can be submitted at a later time to convert this authorization into a Sale, that can be settled for payment.



POST: /v1/transactions/authorization/by_customer


  "amount": 4,
  "customer_id": "customerid123"

Field types: R – Required, O – Optional, C - Conditional


  "success": true,
  "response_code": 101,
  "status_message": "Your transaction was successfully approved.",
  "transaction_id": 79223005,
  "approval_code": "TAS212",
  "approval_message": "APPROVAL TAS212 - Approved and completed",
  "avs_response": "0",
  "csc_response": "",
  "external_transaction_id": ""