Adding Level 3 Data Visa

Level 3 data is additional information that may be applied to enrich a transaction’s reporting value to both the merchant and the customers. Generally, merchant service providers offer reduced or qualified pricing for transactions that are processed with Level 3 data.

Level 3 data may be added to any Visa or MasterCard sale that is approved and pending settlement. Some level 3 data, specifically enhanced data such as Invoice and Customer Reference ID, may overlap with data provided with the base transaction. Enhanced data, when applied, will always overwrite such data that may already be stored with the transaction.

Level 3 data consists of enhanced data and 1 or more line item records. This information is intended to describe the details of the transaction and the products or services rendered. However, defaults may be applied in the event that some data is missing or unknown. So, all required fields must be present, even if their values are empty. Empty values will be overwritten with PayTrace defaults.

Please note that Visa and MasterCard each have their own requirements for level 3 data, so your application should be able to determine if the transaction being updated in a Visa or a MasterCard before formatting and sending the request. All Visa account numbers begin with “4” and contain 16 digits. All MasterCard account numbers begin with “5” and also contain 16 digits.



POST: /v1/level_three/visa


  "transaction_id": 83065721,
  "invoice_id": 1234567,
  "customer_reference_id": "1234abcd",
  "tax_amount": 4.99,
  "national_tax_amount": 1.72,
  "merchant_tax_id": "3456defg",
  "customer_tax_id": "3456defh",
  "commodity_code": "4321",
  "discount_amount": 0.99,
  "freight_amount": 0.75,
  "duty_amount": 0.32,
  "source_address": {
    "zip": "94947"
  "shipping_address": {
    "country": "US",
    "zip": "94948"
  "additional_tax_amount": 0.4,
  "additional_tax_rate": 0.01,
  "line_items": [
      "additional_tax_amount": 4.99,
      "additional_tax_rate": 0.08,
      "amount": 19.99,
      "commodity_code": "123commodity",
      "description": "plumbing",
      "discount_amount": 3.27,
      "product_id": "skucode123",
      "quantity": 4,
      "unit_of_measure": "eac",
      "unit_cost": 5.24


"success": true,
"response_code": 170,
"status_message": "Visa/MasterCard enhanced data was successfully added to Transaction ID 83065721. 1 line item records were created."