Flexible Zone Management

Use the Flexible Flat Rate w/ Zones section to set Flat Rates by Zone.

How to Use This Page

To Create a New Zone

  1. Click the Would you like to create a new zone? link.
  2. Enter a Zone Name/Label.
  3. Select a Country or Countries.
  4. Click the arrows » to Add the Country or Countries.
  5. Click Create Zone

To Modify an Existing Zone

  1. Click the "Would you like to view/edit zone…"
  2. Make modifications.
  3. Click the Modify Zone button.

Existing Zones may be deleted by clicking the Delete Zone button on the Modify Zone page.

Detailed Help


Would you like to create a new range for zone…
Will redirect you to the Create a Zone Range page.

Field Information

Required Fields

Zone Name/Label
Three character code to used to Name/Label the Zone.