Edit Payment

Edit Payment enables you to modify an existing recurring payment.

An additional feature of the PayTrace Virtual Terminal and the API is the ability to process recurring transactions for any existing customer profile. If you wish to process recurring transactions and you are not already signed up for this feature, please contact your Merchant Service Provider or PayTrace Support at moc.ecarTyaP|troppuS#moc.ecarTyaP|troppuS.

How to Use This Page

  1. Click on the Edit Payment link from the Recurring Payments Menu.
  2. Select the recurring payment that you want to edit from the drop down list of recurring transactions.
  3. Modify any field that needs modifying.
  4. Click the Modify Payment button.

All recurring transactions are processed at 1:00 a.m. Pacific Time on the day that the transaction is scheduled to be processed. Transaction receipts are automatically sent to the email address(es) provided with your PayTrace account each time a recurring transaction is processed. If you already have access to the recurring transactions product, log into your PayTrace account and note the Recurring Payments Menu.

Detailed Help


Would you like to add Level 3 Data to this recurring payment?
Redirects you to the Add Level III Data to a Recurring Payment page.

Field Information

Required Fields

Enter the dollar amount that you want to bill this customer on a recurring basis.
Start Date
The date on which the recurring transaction was processed for the first time.
Total Count
Enter the total number of time you want the recurring transaction to process; essentially, the number of billing cycles for the recurring transaction. If the transaction should continue for an indefinite period of time, enter 999; PayTrace will continue to process the transaction at the specified frequency until the recurring transaction is cancelled via the Modify a Transaction function.

Optional Fields


  • When creating a recurring transaction, you must first create a customer profile that contains the billing information you want to process recurring payments against.
  • Recurring transactions will be processed overnight on the day that the transaction is scheduled to be processed. A receipt will be emailed to the email address address provided for your account in the PayTrace system.
Customer Profile
Select the customer profile that you want to process a recurring transaction against.
Customer Receipt
Check this check box if you want a receipt to be emailed to the customer each time the recurring transaction is processed.
Transaction Type
Choose Sale or Authorization. Keep in mind that Sales will automatically settle with the next batch.
Select how frequently you want the transaction to be billed.
Same date each year until total count is reached.
Same day as start date in each month (e.g., 1/3 - 4/3 - 7/3) in 3-month intervals until total count is reached.
Same day as start date each month (e.g., 1/3 - 2/3 - 3/3) until total count is reached.
14 day intervals (e.g., 1/3 - 1/17 - 1-31) beginning with start date until total count is reached.
1st and 15th
the first and fifteenth of each month beginning with start date until total count is reached.
7 day intervals (e.g., 1/3 - 1/10 - 1-17) beginning with start date until total count is reached.
Each day beginning with start date until total count is reached.
Next Date
The next scheduled date that the recurring transaction will be processed is displayed. This date may be changed to any valid date on or after today's date.
Repeat if declined __ consecutive days
Enter the number of consecutive days/times a declined payment should be retried. Please note that the payment will be processed by its frequency and count settings, regardless of this setting or transaction approval. ** For example: Set a recurring payment that is scheduled monthly to process 12 total times and is scheduled to start on 1/1/2009. If the second transaction (processed on 2/1/2009) is declined, and the user specified that it should be repeated 3 times, PayTrace will process the transaction on 2/2, 2/3, and 2/4, and then again on 3/1. If the transaction attempt on 2/3 was approved, PayTrace will not process the transaction again until 3/1.
Current Count
The current count represents the number of transactions that have been processed per this recurring transaction. The recurring transaction will no longer be processed when the current count is equal to or greater than the total count.
Enter your optional comments or discretionary data about the transaction. You may enter up to 255 characters describing the recurring transaction.