Use this section to modify the Type of PayTrace Merchant Account and the Processing Fees associated with the account.

There are three types of PayTrace merchant accounts that may be selected.

  1. PayTrace Professional - PayTrace's comprehensive solution that includes unlimited user profiles, customer profiles, Level 3 Data, and access to ACH processing. PayTrace Professional may also be configured with PayTrace's optional Recurring Payment Module, Product-Based and Payment/Donation Shopping Carts, and APIs. PayTrace Professional consists of a one-time set up fee, a mothly fee, and a per transaction fee.
  2. PayTrace Basic - Basic is a limited solution that has access PayTrace's Payment/Donation Shopping Cart. Basic does not support more than 3 user profiles, customer profiles, Level 3 Data, or additional solutions. Basic consists of a monthly fee and a per transaction fee.
  3. PayTrace Cash Advance - Cash Advance is designed to be used by financial institutions such as banks to process cash advance/disbursement transactions. Cash Advance is a limited solution that only consists of a one-time set up fee.

How to Use This Section

  1. Modify settings as needed.
  2. Leave a note of the changes made.
  3. Click the Save button.

Accounts may be closed by clicking the Close Account button (at the bottom of the page).

Detailed Help


View Notes
View the support notes for the account.

Field Information

Account Type
Select the radio button for the account type.
Check / ACH
Adds the ability to process checks.
Recurring Payments
Adds the ability to create recurring payments on customer accounts.
Shopping Cart
Adds the PayTrace shopping cart to the account.
PayTrace API
Adds the ability to integrate with PayTrace's web API

If the API is selected there will be a drop down box where you will need to select the integrated solution. The most common option to select is allow all integrated options.