Modify Custom Reports
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Use the Modify Custom Reports page to modify existing Custom Reports.

How to Use This Page

  1. Select the Custom Report to modify.
  2. Modify fields, as needed.
  3. Click the Modify Custom Report button.

Custom Reports may also be deleted on this page by clicking the Delete Custom Report button.

Detailed Help

Field Information

Required Fields

May consist of up to 25 characters in length.

Optional Fields

No Content/Columns are selected by default.
Transaction Type
All Types are selected by default.
User Account
All Users are selected by default.
Processing Method
All Methods are selected by default.
Daily is selected by default.
Send a Sample Report
No, do not send a sample is selected by default.
Today's date starting at 12 a.m. is selected by default.
Today's date through 11 p.m. is selected by default.