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Use the Branding page to tailor the design of the PayTrace Virtual Terminal to look any way you want. Each user profile in your PayTrace account will see the same design settings that you have created and these settings will remain until you change them again.

How to Use This Page

  1. Click Choose File to upload a logo to use in the Header.
  2. Select any of the color swatches to change the appropriate background, foreground, font, and banner colors.
  3. Manage the content of your interface.
  4. Click the Save button to set, Preview to preview the look, or Reset Design to set back to default.


  • Changes take effect immediately.
  • The Virtual Terminal design may be restored to the default design by clicking on the Restore Default button.

Detailed Help


Would you like to upload a different logo into the header?
Choose File into the header of your interface.

Logo image must be less than 750 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall.

Would you like to remove your logo from the header?
Remove your logo from the header of your interface.

Field Information

Required Fields

Display Banner Image
Select Yes to display the banner image or No to not display it. Default is Yes.
States/Expiration Dates
Select how state lists (USA only) and expiration dates should be displayed. Default is Text box.
Header Text
Must be in HTML format.
Footer Text
Must be in HTML format.