Edit Threshold

Use the Modify Threshold page to modify a threshold discount.

If you are not already signed up for this feature, please contact your Merchant Service Provider or PayTrace Support at moc.ecarTyaP|troppuS#moc.ecarTyaP|troppuS.

How to Use This Page

  1. Select a Threshold Discount for editing.
  2. Modify fields, as needed.
  3. Click the Save.

Threshold Discounts can be deleted on this page by clicking the Delete button.

Detailed Help

Required Fields

May consist of up to 50 characters.
May be in $ amount or a whole number.
Discount Type
May be Percentage Rate or Fixed Amount.
Discount Rate/Amount
May be a Percentage Rate or Fixed Amount. Percentages should be entered in their percent format, such as 8.25 for 8.25%.

Optional Fields

Threshold Type
May be Products or Dollars.
Apply Discount
May be by specific Products or any combination of Products.