Multiple Transactions

Your PayTrace Virtual Terminal allows you to quickly process transactions for several of your existing customers all at once.

How to Use This Page

  1. Click on the Multiple Transactions link from the Virtual Terminal Menu.
  2. Note that each customer in your PayTrace customer database is listed on this screen. Also, each customer has their own place to input the amount of the transaction, transaction type, invoice number, credit card CSC, and whether PayTrace should email the customer and the merchant a receipt. If you choose to email the receipt, a copy will be sent to the customer's email address, to the Admin and Optional email addresses on the PayTrace account, and to any email address set up on the account to receive Virtual Terminal Receipts.
  3. If the transaction amount is greater than $0.00, then a transaction will be generated for the customer. Each transaction will take 3 to 6 seconds to process.
  4. After each of the customer transactions is completed, click on the Process button. Each transaction will generate a response from the credit card issuer.
  5. Note that a response is provided for each transaction that had an amount greater than $0.00. If a receipt was emailed, then a confirmation is displayed.

If your customer’s credit card is recognized as a business card, then you will be prompted for a customer reference ID and the tax amount of the transaction.

Detailed Help


Customer Profile
Opens the Edit Customer Profile page