Payment Link

Payment Link Designer

How to Use This Page

  1. “Preview” button allows you to see any changes that are made prior to saving
  2. “Save” button will save any changes that have been made.
  3. Primary Color - Tailor your PayTrace Payment Link’s color and images with a click of your mouse. Just click on the color swatches to design the Payment page to look like your existing website. You may also type in the custom hexadecimal value of the colors you want to use on your payment page.
  4. Edit Logo - You may upload your logo to be displayed on the payment page by clicking on the “Edit Logo” button found in the existing logo displayed.

1. The Payment Link Designer allows you to select a secondary color as well by checking the box next to “Add Secondary Color”
2. Logo must be less than 1mb in size with maximum dimensions of width = 760 and height = 250

Payment Link Preferences

How to Use This Page

  1. Transaction Type - Select the type of transaction that you want the payment page to process. Both the Sale/Purchase and Authorization transaction types obtain a real time authorization for the transaction amount. However, Authorizations will not settle funds until you capture them.
  2. Terms Link - Provide the URL address or web address of the web page that displays your terms and conditions. Your customers are required to mark their acceptance of your terms and conditions at the time of checkout.
  3. Returning Customer Login - Select whether you want your customers to be able to log back into their customer profiles when returning to your payment page. If “Enable” is selected, then customers will be asked to provide a password when processing their first transaction. In addition, customers who process an approved transaction will have their shipping and billing information stored in your PayTrace account's customer profile database. Selecting “Disable” will not prompt customers to create an account and will not save their information to your PayTrace account.
  4. Custom Title – This is where you are able to provide a title up to 25 characters for your custom payments such as Donations, Tax, Utility, or other payments where the customer specifies the amount.
  5. Invoice Field – This is where you may choose how you would like the invoice field displayed for your customers. You have the option to simply show the field, show it and make it required, or hide it completely.
  6. Fees – Select whether you would like to collect a fee along with a payment from your customers by selecting the “Add a Fee” box.

1. Fee Type: Select the type of charge to assess during checkout through the payment link. This type will quantify the amount provided below as a fixed amount or a percentage of the processed amount.
2. Fee Amount: Provide a fixed numeric amount or percentage of the processed amount to be assessed as a charge during the payment submittal process. This value should be entered as a $ amount or percentage, such as $#.## or #.##%.
3. Fee Field Title – optional: Provide a title for an optional charge amount that may be charged for all payment link orders. The charge may be used as a fee for processing online transactions. This title may consist of up to 50 characters of free text.

Create Payment Link

How to Use This Page

Choose a Color
This allows you to choose a color for your payment button. The “Brand Color” is what is currently selected for your account, “New Color” is what you would like to change it to.
Edit Button Text (Optional)
This is where you are able to provide a button text for what you would like your payment button to read. The default text is Submit Payment.
Select a Button Style
This allows you to select a button style or Use a custom button URL for your payments
Copy/Paste Code to Your Website
Copy the code snippet displayed in the dialogue box and provide it to your web developer to add your payment button to your website

Email Payment Link

How to Use This Page

Required Fields

Payment Amount
Enter the dollar amount of payment to process.
Recipient Email(s)
Please provide the email address(es) where the link should be sent. Please note that multiple email addresses may be provided with commas separating them.

Optional Fields

BCC Recipient Email(s)
Please provide the email address(es) where the link should be sent via a blind carbon copy. This allows you to send out multiple payment links at once, without giving the recipients the ability to see who else is receiving the link. Please note that multiple email addresses may be provided with commas separating them.
Reply Address
Designate the Email address(es) all replies will be sent to. Please note that multiple email addresses may be provided with commas separating them. This will be the destination email address if the recipient of this email clicks Reply or Reply-To-All.
This field allows you to Add a message to send to your recipients.
Add an Attachment
This allows you to include an attachment when you send your payment link to your recipients. Please note that the attachment Must be a .txt, .doc, .rtf, .pdf, .csv, .zip, .xls or .xlsx file.