PayTrace GO Fees

Fee Information

There is no charge to download PayTrace GO from the Apple App Store.

PayTrace does not charge a fee for the use of PayTrace GO.

The API option has to be enabled on a PayTrace Professional Account in order for PayTrace GO to communicate with the account. However, the API can be enabled in such a way that it works only with PayTrace GO and, if it is enabled in this manner, no option fee will be charged for the API (see the following slides for instructions).

If the merchant chooses to use an iDynamo encrypted card reader with PayTrace GO, the MagTek/Magensa Encryption service has to be enabled on the PayTrace Professional account by the Reseller (see the following slides for instructions). MagTek charges an annual service fee per card reader utilizing this functionality. PayTrace will pass this fee on to the Reseller/Merchant as a line-item under the account with which the card reader is associated. This service fee is billed by MagTek for the first time a card reader is used and then annually each year it is used thereafter.