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About PayTrace GO

PayTrace GO is a mobile payment processing app that can be downloaded and installed on devices using the Apple iOS operating system version 8 or later, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Please note that Apple does not support any iOS previous to 8, and we cannot guarantee any versions previous to 8 will work with PayTrace GO.

PayTrace GO is a streamlined and easy-to-use mobile credit card processing solution that securely transmits transactions to a merchant’s PayTrace Professional account via the PayTrace API.

PayTrace GO Users can swipe or key‐enter transactions as Authorizations or Sales. Signatures can be captured using the device’s touch screen and receipts can be emailed to cardholders. Previous transactions can be viewed and transactions that have not yet been settled can be voided.

PayTrace Go receipts will be automatically sent to the merchants email address if they have their email address setup under Manage Email to accept API Receipts.

PayTrace GO can process swiped transactions via an iDynamo encrypted card reader.

iDynamo card readers must be configured with the following information to work with PayTrace GO:

21073131-BCIPT ‐ MagTek iDynamo Card Reader - Lightning Port—Apple iOS operating system version 4.3 or later Preferred Reader for Apple Products

  • Configuration: SECURITY LEVEL ‐ 3
  • REVERSE DNS ‐ com.magtek.idynamo
  • KSID – 90118800

21073092 - MagTek uDynamo - Audio Connector—Android devices OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above or Apple iOS operating system version 4.3 or later

  • Part Number 21073092
  • Configuration: SECURITY LEVEL 3
  • KSID - 90118800
  • Iphone 7 does not work with this reader, must use IDynamo lighting port.

CHARGING THE uDYNAMO: The uDynamo requires the card reader to be charged. Charge the battery by connecting the device to a USB host interface. Ensure it is recharging.
(The uDynamo is powered by rechargeable internal lithium-ion batteries. The uDynamo can process up to 300 swipes on a single battery charge. If the reader is left on awaiting a card
swipe, the battery will deplete in 3.5 hours. Recharging can take up to 6 hours. You will also need to make sure the phone or pads microphone is turned on for card reader to work.)

We recommend that you work with your merchant service provider to source a properly configured card reader for use with PayTrace GO.

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