PayTrace New User Interface

About the new User Interface:

We are excited to announce that a new PayTrace user interface will be implemented the evening of Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013. The new user interface will provide a modern image, improved work-flow, additional self-help tools, and it'll offer the same great functionality that you've come to expect from PayTrace. This new user interface will also provide a robust technology platform from which we can continue to enhance PayTrace's features and functionality.

While we are excited about the enhancements the new user interface has to offer, we're also working hard to ensure that the transition to the new user interface goes smoothly for current users. In order to help with this, we'll be performing a soft launch of the new user interface over the coming month as outlined below.

Resellers and merchant users can now access the new user interface by navigating to and logging-in with their current log-in credentials. This site is live and any activity which occurs on will be reflected in real-time on the user's account. i.e. Resellers can board and manage merchant accounts. Merchants can process payments, store customers, etc.

Please note that this updated does not affect the PayTrace Shopping Cart, Secure Checkout, or API.

Timeline to Implementation:

On Wednesday, June 12th, we'll selectively begin displaying a pop-up message when a user logs in at, allowing them to choose to be re-directed to This pop-up message will be rolled out one reseller portfolio at a time over the following week in order to maximize the Client Support Team's ability to assist resellers and merchants with the transition.

During the soft launch period, there will be a feedback button in the footer of the new user interface. We encourage you and your merchants to share what you like about the new interface and what we can continue to improve.

On the evening of Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013, the new user interface will be placed into production at and the current/old user interface will be end-of-lifed.

Browser Requirements:

The new user interface offers innovative features which improve PayTrace's performance, usability, and design. Not all of these features are compatible with older web browsers. Therefore, with the implementation of the new user interface, PayTrace will only be able to support web browsers which are currently supported by their manufacturer.

Additionally, web browsers that are not supported by their manufacturer are no longer eligible for critical security and performance updates and patches. More information about web browser support is available from the web browser manufacturer's website. Please note that we've provided a list of web browsers currently supported by their manufactures below. This list is current as of June 4th, 2013.

• Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9, and 10*
• Mozilla Firefox versions 17 and 21
• Google Chrome version 27
• Apple Safari versions 5 and 6

*Internet Explorer 6 is supported by Microsoft through April 8, 2014 in unique cases when run on Windows XP Service Pack 3. Microsoft is actively campaigning its users to upgrade to new browsers at PayTrace is supportive of Microsoft's campaign. There have been significant security, performance, and usability improvements introduced since Internet Explorer 6 was developed. As a result, PayTrace will not support Internet Explorer 6 after July 3, 2013.

Click here to update your Internet Explorer browser version -
Click here to update your Mozilla Firefox browser version -
Click here to update your Google Chrome browser version -
Click here to update your Apple Safari browser version -

PayTrace Mobile:

PayTrace Mobile,, will be end-of-lifed concurrent with the new user interface implementation. At that time, navigating to will re-direct users to PayTrace Mobile should not to be confused with PayTrace GO, PayTrace's mobile app solution, which will remain in production. PayTrace Mobile is a mobile web browser optimized virtual terminal solution. The new user interface is built using technology that optimizes viewing in mobile web browsers, eliminating the need for a separate product for this purpose.

Support for New User Interface:

If you or a merchant needs assistance throughout the new user interface launch process, please feel free to contact our Client Support Team at:

• Support Phone Number: 888-806-6545
• Support Email: moc.ecartyap|troppus#moc.ecartyap|troppus

If you have feedback about the new user interface which you would like to share with our Product Development Team, please send it to moc.ecartyap|kcabdeef#moc.ecartyap|kcabdeef.

During this transition, detailed information about the new user interface launch will also available on PayTrace's Help Site at:


The above update is being communicated to Resellers through this Bulletin. Please feel free to share this Bulletin with any other Reseller users or merchants that you believe will benefit from having the information. This Bulletin will also be accessible through the PayTrace Help Site at:

On Wednesday, June 12th, a summary of this update will also be placed on the Important Messages from PayTrace area on the PayTrace account home page, which is viewable by all PayTrace users.

In addition, on June 12th, we'll selectively begin displaying a pop-up message when a user logs in at, allowing them to choose to be re-directed to All users will see this message upon log-in by June 19th. This message will contain a link to explaining the coming changes.

Screen Shots: