PayTrace's New User Interface

Browser Requirements:

We’re very excited about PayTrace’s new user-interface which is currently available on and will be rolled out to our production network on July 3, 2013. We’ve tested this project extensively in a wide range of browsers, and we’ll be working hard to address any issues identified by our clients as they gain access to new version of our system.

This update offers innovative features which improve PayTrace’s performance, usability, and design. Unfortunately, not all of these features are compatible with older web-browsers. As a result, PayTrace will only support browsers which are currently supported by their manufacturer.

Browsers that are not supported by their manufacturer are no longer eligible for critical security and performance updates and patches. More information about browser support is available from the browser manufacturer’s website. Please note that we’ve provided a list of supported browsers below, this list is current as of June 4, 2013.

- Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9, and 10*

- Mozilla Firefox versions 17 and 21

- Google Chrome version 27

- Apple Safari versions 5 and 6

*Internet Explorer 6 is supported through April 8, 2014 in unique cases when run on Windows XP Service Pack 3. Microsoft is actively campaigning its users to upgrade to new browsers at PayTrace is supportive of Microsoft’s campaign primarily because of the security, performance, and usability improvements introduced since IE6 was developed. As a result, PayTrace will not support IE6 after July 3, 2013.