Receipt Printer
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Use the Receipt Printer page to manage your Receipt Printer settings.

How to Use This Page

  1. Select the Type of Receipt Printer.
  2. Select the Receipt Printer Speed.
  3. Select the Auto Receipt Printer setting.
  4. Place a check mark next to the Acknowledgement that you have read the PayTrace Receipt Printer User Manual, if you selected Automatically Print Receipts.
  5. Click the Update Receipt Printer.


  • Settings are applied on a per user basis versus to an entire account.
  • PayTrace receipts may be printed on almost any printer that may be installed and recognized within the various Microsoft Windows operating systems.

TSP100 Series and Citizen CT-S310II Receipt Printer Installation Instructions

The TSP100 Series and Citizen CT-S310II Receipt Printers utilize a USB connection method for a plug and play setup. These printers will automatically install themselves after the hardware is connected to the computer. After the printer has finished installing itself, it should be visible from the printers and devices section of your control panel.

It is important to note that our printer driver for communicating to the receipt printer will only work with Internet Explorer as the internet browser. PayTrace recommends adjusting your type of receipt printer to "Buffered Printer" in the section below. You will need to adjust the name of the printer to read "PayTrace Receipt Printer". After that is updated, log in to your PayTrace account, pull up a transaction receipt, and click on the **Send to Receipt Printer"* link. A pop-up bar will likely appear in the window of the receipt and prompt you to download/install the PayTrace.CAB driver. After installing the printer driver, the receipt should print to the receipt printer, which will be ready for future use.

Detailed Help


Would you like to print a test receipt?
Send a test receipt to your printer.

Field Information

Required Fields

Type of Receipt Printer
Defaults to Thermal Printer.
Receipt Printer Speed
Defaults to Normal.
Auto Receipt Printer
Defaults to Do NOT Automatically Print Receipts.