Recommended Hardware

PayTrace's Supported and Compatible Hardware

EMV Card Reader- Reseller Ordering Options

Important Note: The IDEM-241A is the preferred hardware as it is pre-loaded with the AES encryption. However, the more common IDEM-251P may be re-configured by our authorized distributors so as to give you access to more inventory when ordering the Augusta card reader. It is important to always ensure you are ordering the PayTrace configuration by clicking on one of the links below.

The ID Tech Augusta with the PayTrace configuration uses:

  • AES encryption
  • KID Keyboard Emulation
  • Currently only available on the TSYS Processing Platform


CDE Solutions:

POS Portal:

The Phoenix Group:

  • Available via your TPG account manager or by emailing: moc.orcimmargni||
  • Please make sure to reference that this is the IDEM-241-A part number with the PayTrace configuration using AES encryption & KID Keyboard Emulation.

PayTrace GO Card Readers

Magtek Card Readers

  • MagTek iDynamo Lightning Connector—Apple iOS operating system version 4.3 or later Preferred Reader for Apple Products
  • Part Number 21087013- BCIPT
  • Configuration: SECURITY LEVEL 3
  • REVERSE DNS: com.magtek.idynamo
  • KSID: 90118800
  • MagTek uDynamo Audio Connector—Apple iOS operating system version 4.3 or later or Android devices OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above
  • Part Number 21073092- BCIPT
  • Configuration: SECURITY LEVEL 3
  • KSID: 90118800
  • Iphone 7 is not supported with this reader (must use lighting connector)

iDynamo/uDynamo card readers must be configured with the above information to work with PayTrace GO.

MagTek Idynamo/uDynamo compatibility list:

Sourcing PayTrace GO Card Readers

We understand that some Resellers have had difficulty sourcing properly configured PayTrace GO card readers from their hardware vendors. Therefore, we’ve established a relationship with a hardware vendor that is stocking and willing to distribute properly configured card readers to Resellers:

Barcodes Inc

Sales Rep: Matthew Greenberg


p: 800-351-9962 x6505 | d: 312-610-6505 | f: 312-212-1800 |

200 W. Monroe St., 10th Floor | Chicago, Illinois 60606

Barcodes Inc has created a special part number for iDynamo card readers configured to work with PayTrace:

Magtek 21087013-BCIPT ‐ MagTek iDynamo Card Reader - Lightning Port
Magtek 21073092-BCIPT - MagTek uDynamo Card Reader (Android & iOS)

You can order from barcodes by going to the following page:

CHARGING THE uDYNAMO: The uDynamo requires the card reader to be charged. Charge the battery by connecting the device to a USB host interface. Ensure it is recharging.
(The uDynamo is powered by rechargeable internal lithium-ion batteries. The uDynamo can process up to 300 swipes on a single battery charge. If the reader is left on awaiting a card
swipe, the battery will deplete in 3.5 hours. Recharging can take up to 6 hours.)

Non EMV Card Readers

Magtek Card Readers:
MagTek Dynamag USB Keyboard Emulation

  • Part Number 21073062-BCIPT - Set at Security Level 2 or 3
  • MagTek's Magensa decryption service must be enabled for level 3 security and the KSID must be set to 90118800
  • MagTek Mini USB Keyboard Emulation
  • White: Part Number 21040107
  • Black: Part Number 21040108

ID Tech Card Readers:

  • ID Tech MiniMag 2 USB Keyboard Emulation
  • Part Number IDMB-334133B

Compatible Card readers:
PayTrace is compatible with most card reading solutions that are able to send swiped card data to the computer as though the data was entered through a keyboard device. This technology or format is generally referred to as Keyboard Emulation. However, PayTrace is only able to support configuration questions regarding the above-listed equipment numbers.

Supported Receipt Printers

Star Micronics Printers

  • Star TSP100

Citizen Printers

  • Citizen CT-S310II

Compatible Receipt Printers
PayTrace is compatible with any printer that can be installed and configured with Microsoft Windows™, including 3-4" wide receipt printers and standard letter sized printers.
However, PayTrace is only able to support configuration questions regarding the above listed receipt printers. (Due to Java dependencies, printers require 2 additional clicks of the mouse to print. Auto Print is currently unavailable)