Redirect To The Secure Checkout


This product is not intended to work in an iFrame. Updates in internet browser security and functionality prevent this product from functioning in an iFrame.


  • PayTrace's Client-Side Encryption JavaScript Library - The PayTrace Encryption Library supports client-side encryption of sensitive data, reduces merchant's and integrator's exposure to PCI-compliance verification. The sensitive data is encrypted before the web form is submitted and until it is received at PayTrace's secure server.
  • (BETA) PayTrace Protect.js - Please email moc.ecartyap|troppusrepoleved#moc.ecartyap|troppusrepoleved to participate in the BETA.

After an order has been validated and supplied an Authorization Key, then the customer may be redirected to the secure checkout page to enter their billing information and complete the transaction. All redirect requests will need to be directed to

Please note that redirection requests may include additional name/value pairs.
BNAME, BADDRESS, BADDRESS2, BCITY, BSTATE, BZIP, BCOUNTRY, EMAIL, PHONE, INVOICE, and DESCRIPTION may all be defaulted to information that you may have already collected from the customer.

Optional Name Value Pairs the Secure Checkout Will Accept Upon Redirect
  • DISABLELOGIN may be set to ‘Y’ to prevent customers from being able to log into their account.
  • DISABLEOPTIONAL may be set to ‘Y’ to hide optional data fields.
  • SHOWBNAME may be set to ‘Y’ to include the billing name when DISABLEOPTIONAL is set to ‘Y’
  • HIDEDESCRIPTION may be set to ‘Y’ to hide the description value on the checkout page and receipt.
  • HIDEINVOICE may be set to ‘Y’ to hide the invoice value on the receipt.
  • HIDEPASSWORD may be set to ‘Y’ to prevent customers from being able to log into their account. This will also prevent customers from being prompted to provide a password. Passing this parameter will use the "OrderID" as the CustomerID value in any instance where the customer profile is being created.
  • RETURNPARIS may be set to ‘Y’ to have additional data values including BNAME, CARDTYPE, EXPMNTH, and EXPYR in the silent post response. A 2 digit abbreviation for the card type will be returned on the MES, NGT and Paymentech processing networks. While TSYS, FirstData and Global networks will show the full label of the card type.
  • ENABLEREDIRECT may be set to ‘Y’ to force customers to be redirected to your approval/decline URL once the payment is complete.
  • ENABLESWIPE may be set to ‘Y’ to allow cardholders to swipe their cards into the checkout page.
  • TEST may be set to ‘Y’ to treat the transaction as a test.
  • DISPLAYTRUSTLOGO may be set to ‘Y’ to display a security trust logo on the checkout page.
  • DISABLETERMS may be set to ‘Y’ to hide the payment terms link and checkbox.
  • CANCELURL may be set to the URL where the user should be taken if they choose to cancel/revise their payment.
  • DISABLERECEIPT may be set to ‘Y’ to prevent receipts from being sent to customers or merchants.
  • IMAGEURL may be set to the dynamic image that should be displayed in the header of the Secure Checkout page.
  • TERMSURL may be set to the URL where the terms and conditions of the transaction are located to be viewed.
  • PRODUCTDETAILS may be set to HTML code that will display information about the payment to the user. For example, the following value may be included to display a table of product information to the user:
  • CUSTOMDBA may be set to the custom DBA that should be displayed in the Secure Checkout and be passed to the acquirer and reflect on the customers statement in place of the DBA on file with the PayTrace account.

Displaying a Hyperlink to Direct to the Secure Checkout

<a href="|AuthKey~20|">Checkout through PayTrace</a>

Displaying a Command Button to Direct to the Secure Checkout

<form action = "" method = post>
<input type="hidden" name="parmList" value="orderID~1234|AuthKey~21|">
<input type="submit" value="Checkout through PayTrace">

Sample of ProductDetails optional Parameter

PRODUCTDETAILS~ <tr><td colspan=5 align=left><font size=2><b>Order Details</b></font></td></tr><tr><td colspan=5 height=1 bgcolor=000000></td></tr><tr bgcolor=CCCCCC><td align=left><font size=1><b>Item Number</b></font></td><td align=left><font size=1><b>Description</b></font></td><td align=left><font size=1><b>Quantity</b></font></td><td align=left><font size=1><b>Unit Price</b></font></td><td align=left><font size=1><b>Net Price</b></font></td></tr><tr bgcolor=FFFFFF><td align=left><font size=1>1</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>Product 1</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>2</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>$5.00</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>$10.00</font></td></tr><tr bgcolor=EEEEEE><td align=left><font size=1>2</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>Product 2</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>1</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>$8.00</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>$8.00</font></td></tr><tr bgcolor=FFFFFF><td align=left><font size=1>3</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>Product 3</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>3</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>$4.00</font></td><td align=left><font size=1>$12.00</font></td></tr><tr><td colspan=5 height=1 bgcolor=000000></td></tr><tr><td colspan=4 align=right><font size=1><b>Sub Total =</b></font></td><td align=left><font size=1><b> $30.00</b></font></td></tr><tr><td colspan=4 align=right><font size=1><b>Taxes =</b></font></td><td align=left><font size=1><b> $1.50</b></font></td></tr><tr><td colspan=4 align=right><font size=1><b>Total =</b></font></td><td align=left><font size=1><b> $31.50</b></font></td></tr>|