Refund Transactions
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Your PayTrace Virtual Terminal enables you to quickly refund sales that have been approved and settled.

How to Use This Page

  1. Click on the Refund Transactions link from the Virtual Terminal Menu.
  2. Note that you may select any settled sales that have been processed by specifying the date range, entering in the Order ID number or populating the search field with a name, dollar amount or partial card number and clicking on the Search button. After the transaction list appears, you may refund one or more transactions by checking the check box next to the transaction(s) that should be refunded and clicking the Process button.
  3. Refunding a transaction generates a new transaction that gives your customer the exact amount that you provide in the refund’s amount text box. The refund amount may be less than or equal to the original transaction amount.
  4. To issue a partial refund to an existing sale, enter in the date of the transaction in the date range, enter the order ID number or pull the transaction up by using the search field. Once the transaction is shown, check the check box to the left of the transaction and repopulate the amount with the amount you would like to credit back to the card. Once done, click the Process button on the bottom of the screen.

Detailed Help


Order ID
Redirects you to the Transaction Details page.
Redirects you to the Edit Customer page.