Reseller Operations

Getting Your Merchants Started

Merchant Account Training
A 60 minute account training for an existing PayTrace account covering the Virtual Terminal and any option modules. Times shown are in Pacific Time Zone. Once an appointment is scheduled, a PayTrace representative will email conference call instructions to email addresses listed in the appointment. Account Training's are available from 7am - 3pm PST. Please be sure to communicate any change in date/time of the requested appointment to PayTrace Support, or if any attendee is running late prior to the appointment taking place. PayTrace Support will give a 15 minute window of time for attendees to arrive before cancelling the appointment. We have a variety of training videos that cover many of the same topics covered in individual trainings available here Training Videos . If you are needing immediate training, please feel free to view these helpful tutorials. If there are no convenient times available in the scheduler above, we also have webinar group training times available below
Virtual Terminal 101
NEW!! PayTrace is now offering PayTrace Virtual Terminal 101 Webinars which are held every Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 7:15 am PST and every Friday at 10:15 am PST. These are group training sessions that can accommodate up to 100 participants. Attendees may type questions via a private chat to the trainer, to which the trainer will address during the webinar. Pre-registration is required and each attendee must register for the webinar individually.

Reseller Documentation

Printable Reseller Help Documentation
PDF Document.
PayTrace GO Reseller Instructions
Instructions for setting up merchants for PayTrace GO and sourcing card readers.

Reseller Account Menus

New Merchant
Create a Merchant account.
Edit Merchant
Edit a Merchant account.
Select a Merchant, View Portfolio Reports, View Transaction Summaries, View Income/Expense, Manage Bank Names, View Transactions, Update Expiring Passwords and Modify Design.
Reseller Users
Create & Modify User Profiles, Change Validation Image, View Unsuccessful Log Ins and Update Expiring Passwords.
Send Feedback, Modify Reseller account, Manage IP Rules and Update Log In Messages