Review Recent Changes Updates To Our Gateway
  • 2-3-2015 -For those who process Store & Forward transaction types, we will be making made a small change on Tuesday Feb. 3rd that will makes those transactions an easier process. Rather than entering the Store & Forward date manually at the bottom of the page, you will see directly below the Transaction Type selector a calendar box for selecting the Store & Forward date.
  • 8-25-2014 - We have released a new feature that will allow an administrator of an account to set the default transaction type for all users. An administrator can do this by going to the Account Menu and selecting the Security Settings page. There will be a new drop down menu under the Terminal Customization section where you can make your selection.You will have the option to default the transaction type for all users on that account to Sale, Authorization, Refund, Forced Sale, Store & Forward, or Cash / Check.
  • 3-13-2013 - PayTrace made an update to the view transactions reports within the Virtual Terminal that will include the Date/Time settled value for each transaction. This will allow users the ability to quickly identify whether a transaction has been settled and when that settlement occurred. The View Transactions report is widely used by system users. It’s also important to be aware that some merchants may download the results of this report in order to upload them in to another software solution. For more information about this update click HERE
  • 9-5-2012 - PayTrace has added the ability for Users to easily identify and manage inactive Customer Profiles stored on a PayTrace Professional account. This new feature can be accessed through the “Customers” menu, “Modify a Customer” page, and the “Would you like to manage inactive customer profiles?” link. For more information about this new feature, please click HERE
  • 8-15-2012 - PayTrace is rolling out support for the Citizen CT-S310II receipt printer. With the addition of this new printer, PayTrace will also discontinue support for printers that use a 9-pin connection method, including the Verifone P250 and P900, and the Ingenico Scribe 612. For more information about this update, please click HERE.
  • 7-23-2012 - On Monday, July 23rd PayTrace extended the AVS and CSC auto-void functionality to include Authorization Only transaction types. This functionality will apply to all features and products including the API. We have also added a new section to our online API help site which documents updates to our API functionality. Feel free to check it out HERE. Discover will now be reported in the Bank Card section of the Virtual Terminal Reporting, as well as Batch Reports.