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This scheduler is for demos only. If you need a training, please visit our training scheduler under the Operations link to the lower left menu. One of our 5 Star support staff will provide a live, guided tour of PayTrace's products and services with your prospective clients. The audience for these demonstrations are prospective merchants joined with their sales representative. Most demos run 20 to 30 minutes but we allocate up to 60 minutes for questions. Please feel free to provide specific details about which product/services which we can emphasize for your prospect. Once an appointment is scheduled, a PayTrace representative will email conference call instructions to email addresses listed in the appointment. Product Demonstration's are available from 7am - 3pm PST. Please be sure to communicate any change in date/time of the requested appointment to PayTrace Support, or if any attendee is running late prior to the appointment taking place. PayTrace Support will give a 15 minute window of time for attendees to arrive before cancelling the appointment. Times shown are in Pacific Time Zone.

Register for a PayTrace University Course

Register for a Class
A live 30 minute tutorial focusing on one of PayTrace's products and services. The audience for these courses are sales representatives and the goal is to sharpen your technical and sales tools, helping you be more successful in growing your portfolio. Register right away as seating for these courses is limited. Times shown are in Pacific Time Zone.

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Your team is our team, and we want to be sure they have the tools and support they need to succeed as PayTrace partners. Share your staff's contact information to receive a weekly email highlighting the resources available to your team.

PayTrace Marketing Pieces

PayTrace Booklet
A comprehensive overview of the PayTrace product offerings.
PayTrace Product Feature Matrix
A feature by feature comparison of the PayTrace products.

PayTrace Demonstration Videos

Virtual Terminal

Dashboard Training
How to use the Dashboard
Swipe Card Training
How to Swipe a Transaction
Key Card Training
How to process a Card-Not-Present / Key-Entered Transaction
Void Training
How to Void a Transaction
Level 3 Data Training
How to configure Level 3 data and add Level 3 data to a transaction

Discretionary Data

Creating Discretionary Data
Creating a Discretionary Data Element

User Management

User Management Training
Guide to creating and managing user access to your PayTrace account. Also setup and control who receives reports and notifications.
Login Assistance
Username, Password, and Validation Image login assistance
Creating a Web User Profile
Creating a Web User Profile
Creating an API User Profile
Creating an API User Profile
Modifying User Profile
Modifying a User Profile
Email Management
Email Management

Security Settings

Security Settings
Managing an Account's Security Settings

Request Integration Support

Integration Support Request and Process
Are you looking to add a software solution for your merchants to use with their PayTrace account and your merchant services? Clicking this link will allow you to make a request for integration support.

Placeholder - Merchant Training Opportunities

Merchant Training Courses
Are you looking for updates on features and industry changes. Click here to attend a course