Cart Design
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Tailor your PayTrace Shopping Cart’s color and images with a click of your mouse. Just click on the color swatches to design the shopping cart to look like your existing website. You may also type in the custom hexadecimal value of the colors you want to use in your shopping cart.

How to Use This Page

  1. After logging in to PayTrace, select the Shopping Cart menu and then Cart Design.
  2. You may upload your logo to be displayed in the banner of the shopping cart by clicking on the Upload button next to Header Logo and selecting an image or change the background by clicking on the **Upload ** button next to Background Image.
  3. Select the color swatch that you want to use for the specific areas of your site or create a custom color.

If no changes are made in the Color Management Menu or the Image Management Menu, your site will look like the default site that you see when you log in to PayTrace.

Detailed Help


Would you like to upload your logo for display in the header?
Upload an image to be displayed in the banner of the shopping cart Upload.

Logo image must be less than 750 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall.

Would you like to remove your logo from the header?
Remove your logo from the header of your interface.
Would you like to upload your background image?
Upload an image to be displayed in the background of the shopping cart Upload your background image for the shopping cart.