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This documentation provides the tools to help you use PayTrace in your organization effectively. For additional assistance, please visit our support page to contact a representative for further assistance.

Training Webinars

NEW!! In addition to individual account trainings, PayTrace is now offering Group Training Webinars which are held every Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 7:15 am PST. These are group training sessions that can accommodate up to 100 participants. Attendees may type questions via a private chat to the trainer, to which the trainer will address during the webinar. 24 hour pre-registration is required and each attendee must register for the webinar individually. Please register using the link below.

Register For Webinar Training

Account Trainings and Product Demonstrations

Getting started

The documentation is organized in the Table of Contents to the left. If you are a new user, try our Quick Reference Guide or watch our Training Videos. These materials will help you get started quickly.

Specific questions about using the web site

If you are having an issue or question about a specific page, you will find that our web site documentation is organized like the PayTrace UI. Follow the link to the appropriate page to get detailed information on that page.

 What's new with PayTrace? | Review recent changes/updates to our Gateway

Still need help?

If you are not sure where to go, try the search bar on the top right of any page. And if you cannot find the documentation you were looking for, please let our support team know so we can continue to improve this documentation.

And, again, our support team will be happy to assist you!

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