Swipe Card
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Your PayTrace Virtual Terminal processes swiped credit card transactions. PayTrace uses a Keyboard Emulation format to read the magnetic stripe of the credit card.

How to Use This Page

  1. Connect your card reader to your computer.
  2. Log into the the PayTrace system
  3. Click on the Swipe Card link from the Virtual Terminal Menu.
  4. Swipe the card through the card reader. The field will populate with hidden information (bullets).
  5. Click the Process button to navigate to the next page, where the transaction details are entered, including the amount.
  6. Enter any necessary information for this transaction.
  7. Click on the Process button and then confirm the processing of the transaction.
  8. A response from the credit card’s issuer is displayed, along with several options on a confirmation page. Transaction receipts can be viewed, emailed, and printed from the confirmation page. The completed transaction is available from the "View Transactions" page of the Virtual Terminal, also.

Detailed Description

We recommend that you verify that the credit card number, expiration date, and name on the credit card match the information provided from the swipe. If the information provided below does not match the information on the card, please swipe the card again or request another form of payment.

Supported Card Readers:

MagTek Mini USB Keyboard Emulation
White: Part Number 21040107
Black: Part Number 21040108

MagTek Sure Swipe USB Keyboard Emulation
White: Part Number 21040147
Black: Part Number 21040145

MagTek Mini Wedge
White: Part Number 21080203
Black: Part Number 21080204

MagTek Dynamag USB Keyboard Emulation
Part Number 21073062 - Set at Security Level 2 or 3

  • PayTrace is compatible with most MagTek card readers that can be adjusted to Keyboard Emulation Mode; and we can also adjust reader speeds. To make changes to your Magtek card reader, please download their utility program HERE. Choose the "Software" option, then scroll down to the "Demo Program" option and click on "Download". Once the utility program has been downloaded, please call our support team and we can assist further. We can be reached at 888-806-6545.