Traditional API

PayTrace API Overview

The PayTrace API (Application Programmer Interface) is a powerful software solution that enables any software developer to integrate the power of the PayTrace Payment Gateway into their proprietary software. Software developers may use the PayTrace API to add payment-processing functionality into their software through the seamless integration of HTTPS Post requests.

Through the power and efficiency of the PayTrace API, your software applications may process electronic payments in real-time and receive payment authorizations within 3 to 6 seconds. The PayTrace API is built to provide real-time shipping quotes, store customer and transaction profiles, process recurring payments, and email receipts.

Because the PayTrace API uses HTTPS Post, the PayTrace API does NOT need to be installed or registered on the web server or client computer that is running the software application.




Emailing Receipts

Updating a User Password

Signature Capture

Adjusting Transaction Amounts

Calculate Shipping Rates

Settling Transactions

Hosted-Secure Checkout Page

PayTrace Secure-Hosted Checkout Page - this secure hosted payment page can help minimize PCI-scope for your application by processing transactions and creating customer profiles (Tokenization) securely.

Helpful Testing Information for Demo Accounts

For API testing, you can use the username and password of demo123 in your name/value pair included in your transaction call for testing purposes. That will reference one of our demo accounts where you can put through transactions on the below test card. The test card should approve for a 1.00 or more so you can perform testing. Credit cards will not be charged or authorized on this demo account as it is connected to a test authorization network. When testing is done, you can switch the UN/PASS name value pair over to the real username and password for your PayTrace account. The |TEST~Y| parameter is also not needed for this demo account. If the test parameter is used it will automatically void the transaction.


Expiration Date: Any valid expiration date will work

CSC = 999

Amount: Testing Amounts and Responses
Please note that the 3rd party network that PayTrace uses to allow developers to test integrations in a live test environment is currently under upgrade maintenance over the next few months. Through this maintenance period, developers may not get expected CSC (security code) and AVS (address verification) responses. You will still get a response of some sort which is all that is needed in order to be sure you are parsing for a response correctly. All possible AVS response values are provided HERE. Expect intermittent periods whereby approvals cannot be obtained from the test network due to it being unavailable. Developers always have the option to add the parameter of ‘TEST’ with a value of ‘Y’ to trigger our system to initiate a test approval response and then immediately void the transaction. We certainly apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, and thank you for your patience while the processor upgrades their testing network.

Billing Address and Billing Zipcode of Card: AVS Responses A list of common AVS text responses from Issuing Banks.

The most common responses (API Error and Response Codes) returned for transactions are:

Response 101: Your transaction was successfully approved.

Response: 102: Your transaction was not approved.

Response 103: Your transaction was successfully approved. However, it was voided because your address and/or CSC did not match.

You can view the transaction reporting by logging into the website with the username and password of demo123. Under the VIEW TRANSACTIONS page under the VIRTUAL TERMINAL MENU you can see all transactions that are processed, both manually, and through the API.