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Virtual Terminal

EMV - Device setup and Processing Transactions Training
Setup EMV
Dashboard Training
How to use the Dashboard
Swipe Card Training
How to Swipe a Transaction
Key Card Training
How to process a Card-Not-Present / Key-Entered Transaction
Void Training
How to Void a Transaction
Refund Training
How to Refund a Transaction
Level 3 Data Training
How to configure Level 3 data and add Level 3 data to a transaction
View Transactions
How to use the View Transactions page to view transaction reporting

User Management

User Management
Guide to creating and managing user access to your PayTrace account. Also setup and control who receives reports and notifications.
Login Assistance
Username, Password, and Validation Image login assistance
Creating a Web User Profile
Creating a Web User Profile
Email Management
Email Management

Security Settings

Security Settings
Managing an Account's Security Settings