User Account

Use the User Account section to specify the admin user information for the account. It is critical that this information is accurate and complete.

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Required Fields

User Account
User Name
Must consist of 6 to 15 alpha-numeric characters. This user name will be used to log into the PayTrace system. This will be the default email address used for the Primary Contact on previous page, but can be changed as needed.
Contact Information
If checked, uses the Primary contact as the administrative user contact information. If unchecked, allows you to provide new contact information for the administrative user other than the Primary.
Contact Name
Must consist of 1 to 50 alphabetic characters and should contain the user's full name.
Email Address
Must consist of a valid email address of 7 to 50 alpha-numeric characters and should contain the user's preferred email address. If the user forgets their password, their user name and password will be emailed to this address at their request.