View Statements
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Use the View Statements page to view your monthly statements. Statements may be viewed for each month since your PayTrace account has been open.

This link is only available for clients who are billed by PayTrace directly, not by their merchant provider.

How to Use This Page

  1. The page will load and list the monthly totals for each invoice.
  2. Click on a month to review the details for each invoice.

We recently updated our billing system so you will see invoices by default going back to May 2012 only. We can retrieve previous invoices, if necessary, on a per-request basis.


  • PayTrace itemizes the transactions-by-transaction type (e.g., Sales, Refunds, Voids, Authorizations, and Declines) and calculates the transaction count by your per-item fee.
  • All transactions processed within the selected month are included in the monthly statement.
  • Your monthly service fees are added to the per-item amount and the total is charged to your checking account.