View Transactions
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View Transactions enables you to search and find transactions you have processed on PayTrace.

  • You may sort the transactions by Customer ID, Transaction Type, and Date Range.
  • You may view and print receipts by selecting the receipt link on the right side of the transaction table.
  • The View Transactions page can only email up to 27 receipts at one time
  • The total dollar amount of your selected transactions appears at the bottom of the table.
  • You may also view additional transaction data by clicking on the transaction ID on the left side of each transaction row.

How to Use This Page

  1. Click on the View Transactions link from the Virtual Terminal Menu.
  2. Select the criteria for the transactions you are looking for and click Search.

To see authorization-only transactions captured at a later date, you need to search with the Date Settled filter. Viewing transactions by settled date will not display authorization-only transactions because the date on the transaction comes from the original authorization. This applies to Custom Reports, as well, because they do not reflect authorizations from a past date captured on a later date.

Detailed Help


View Printable Results
Displays the search results in a view that is formatted for printing. View Printable Results.
Download Results
Download results in .csv format. Download Results.
Download Detailed Results
Download detailed results in .csv format. Download Detailed Results.
New View Transactions Video
New View Transactions Video

If the Transaction ID is entered in the Order ID field, then no other criteria or date range is needed. Searching on this ID will find and show the one single transaction associated with the ID provided, regardless of other criteria entered.

The searchable text can include the invoice, billing name, shipping name, email address, customer ID, discretionary data, description, last 4 digits of the card number, and amount of the transaction.