View Transactions iOS

How to Use This Page

  1. Select “View Transactions”
  2. All transactions for the current day that have been processed through the User Name that PayTrace GO is logged in with will be displayed. The “Previous Day” button will display transactions processed on the previous day. If the User that is logged in to PayTrace GO has permissions to “View Orders” processed by all Users on the account, the “All Transactions” button will display those transactions.
  3. In order to view the transaction details for a specific transaction, select that transaction by touching anywhere on the transaction summary.
  4. From the transaction details page you can view the detailed information associated with that transaction. If the transaction hasn’t yet been settled, you can choose to void the transaction. Voiding a transaction cancels it from being settled and funded. You can also choose to email a copy of the receipt for the transaction.
  5. If you choose to “Void” the transaction a confirmation page will be displayed and you’ll need to select “Yes.”
  6. A confirmation message will indicate that the transaction has been successfully voided. Select “OK.”.
  7. You can email a copy of the receipt showing that the transaction has been voided by entering the recipient's email address. Select “OK.”
  8. A confirmation message will indicate that the email has been successfully sent. Select “OK.”.

Screen Shots: