Disabled Recurring Payments

Effective February 28, 2015 Visa implemented new guidelines prohibiting merchants from resubmitting any recurring payments for transactions declined for authorization after receiving one of the following response/decline codes:

Response Code 14—Invalid Account Number (No Such Number)
Response Code 54—Expired Card
Response Code 57—Transaction Not Permitted
Response Code 04—HOLD-CALL - Pick up card (no fraud)
Response Code 07—HOLD-CALL - Pick up card; special condition (fraud account)
Response Code 41—HOLD-CALL - Lost card; pick up (fraud account)
Response Code 43—HOLD-CALL - Stolen card; pick up (fraud account)

For any of the above declined responses on a recurring payment, PayTrace is required to disable the recurring payment. For resolution, merchants will want to follow the directions below:

  1. Contact the customer and resolve the issue with the card.
  2. Update the stored customer record in PayTrace if needed.
  3. Create a new recurring payment.
  4. Delete the failed recurring payment.